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I am a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) student at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. I am in my 3rd year, but how long until I graduate is a little tricky to judge because unlike many of my peers I'm not in a race to graduate. I do 30 Credit Points of courses per semester in the order I find convenient. I chose to do university not because I had no idea what else to do or because it was expected of me, but because it is a helpful tool to aid me with my personal interests however, don't get me started on the design of this particular tool (hint: It's broken).

The reason for the creation of this blog is for the 3623ICT Information and Content Management course. I have started this course two and a half weeks late because at the time I was choosing my courses I opted to do Microprocessor Techniques - a course that I thought was obviously infinitely more useful and relevant to me at the time. After two weeks I decided to act decisively and drop Microprocessor Techniques as I was being haunted by the pains of an academic RSI. 3623ICT should be a fairly therapeutic change of habit that will hopefully allow me to recover for the next semester and allow me to be more effectively critical of poor Information Architecture; a subject I am looking forward to ranting about.

I hope to write these blog posts in a style which means that I can leave this blog up after the course is finished, or I can at least re-publish most of the content on my personal blog. I really deplore the amount of effort wasted on silly academic exercises so I try engaging in such exercsies when I can - and thus the reason for my blogging style.

On another note, hopefully I am not breaking the system by using my preferred blogging platform Nikola which is a static site/blog generator written in my preferred language (Python) and hosted on my own server. I have run a few blogs over the years so I have come to form a solid opinion on merits and pitfalls of many blogging platforms. Since the rise of social networks my blogging has become a lot less frequent. Microblogging is starting to drop off in favour of approaches less restricted by legacy requirements and so I predict blogs will rise again as a feature integrated into the new wave of social networks.

To complete my introduction I am to mention something about where I am heading. I have been working to strengthen my skills in software development in the interest of working on Free/Open Source Software. Whether I am employed or not in the F/OSS development role is inconsequential as it is still my reason for my university education. However it is worth noting that F/OSS runs the greater portion of the Internet and also underpins the functionality of many consumer hardware devices so I like to think that employment that is somewhat related to my interests is almost unavoidable.

By the way, my email is daniel.devine2 {at} griffithuni.edu.au.

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